We like to keep things simple.

How we work

We bring a set of proven tools and techniques to help you get to the root cause of problems and identify the reasons why things are not the way you’d like them to be.

But we don’t pretend to know everything. Our core belief is that people nearest to a problem are often the ones to uncover the best solution for their environment and culture.

Your knowledge of your organisation combined with our subject matter expertise and toolkit will allow us to find together the right solution for you. 

Projects are the pathway to change

Successful business transformation relies on projects that are planned and executed well.  There is no change without projects, big or small.

Our people are experienced managers and leaders, well versed in the processes and frameworks that will help you set up ISO standards and technology-driven projects to drive transformation and business growth.

In addition each one of us has particular areas of expertise.

Elisabeth Belisle - author

Elisabeth Belisle

Information management, document scanning, process improvement, management system standards

Laura Hopson - author

Laura Hopson

HR, people, talent management, employment law, change management, process improvement

Gillian Metheringham - author

Gillian Metheringham

Business transformation, business analysis, change management, process improvement

Neil Needham

Neil Needham

Finance, financial planning, funding

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