Keeley Packaging gets ready for ISO 9001 stage 2 audit within a week

Clare Keeley

CEO at Keeley Packaging

Learn more about how Digital Octopii helped Keeley Packaging certify for ISO 9001 and prepare all the required documentation and evidence in just a week

About Keeley Packaging

Keeley Packaging design and supply bespoke packaging for small to medium-sized businesses. If you have widgets that need protecting until they reach the end users, Keeley Packaging are the people to do it.

As a business, they aim to provide all their customers with a personal touch, going above and beyond, with complete consulting on packaging issues, requirements, design and more.  Providing a high-quality service and high-quality packaging is core to their ethos and ISO 9001 was a natural progression for Clare and her business.

“We are committed to utilising and designing eco-friendly packaging alternatives to traditional, non-eco-friendly packaging wherever possible. By using sustainable materials we help our customers cut costs and strengthen their environmental commitments to stand out from the competition.”

In addition to providing enhanced protection for goods in transit, Keeley Packaging helps its customers improve their workflow, stock holding rates, efficiency, brand image and added perceived value.

Man in warehouse leaning against shrink wrapped pallet

Objectives in achieving ISO 9001 certification

The initial driver to obtain ISO 9001 came from hitting roadblocks when trying to supply packaging to a company manufacturing pharmaceutical products for the veterinary industry.  Clare found that without ISO 9001 certification, there were some industries the business simply could not service.

As a result, in obtaining ISO 9001 certification, the business had two main objectives:

Working with Digital Octopii to achieve ISO 9001 certification

In the early stages of working towards ISO 9001 certification, Keeley Packaging worked alone, without consultants. Since their Stage 1 audit in February 2020, they worked hard to understand the objectives and requirements.  After many delays caused by the pandemic the Stage 2 audit was quickly approaching, and they realised they had too many gaps still left to fill. They had not invested nearly enough time. Their preparation was insufficient, and they didn’t necessarily meet the high standards of ISO 9001.


It was just two weeks before the second stage audit when they concluded that they might be out of their depth.

Digital Octopii was recommended by their UKAS accredited certification body, the British Assessment Bureau. After evaluating several recommended ISO consultants, Keeley Packaging decided to work with Digital Octopii, feeling that the company met their needs and fitted their profile perfectly.

The solution: Bring Digital Octopii on board to achieve Stage 2 audit certification

Clare began working with Digital Octopii just a week before their Stage 2 audit. This meant much work, and both companies wasted no time getting busy. The consultant working with Keeley Packaging, Jen, quickly started working with Clare to ensure the organisation would be completely ready for their Stage 2 audit.

“The fact that Jen was prepared to work in the evenings and at the weekend was invaluable. She didn't expect anything from me – although she did push me along a little bit! We worked together to make it happen. The biggest thing for me was that they were prepared to put in all that effort.”

During the initial stages of working with Digital Octopii, a risk assessment was carried out in order to meet the audit requirements. Clare found it helpful to identify the different risks in the business and learned more about her business in the process. She found that the input from Digital Octopii helped her identify critical threats she might not have otherwise considered.

“It has helped my business tremendously and I quickly realised that our lack of resources needed to be addressed as soon as possible.”

The exercise proved extremely helpful, and although it is still early days, Clare sees the benefits and positive impacts certification will have for the future and growth of her business. 

The result of the collaboration: Stage 2 audit passed for ISO 9001 certification

The collaboration between Keeley Packaging and Digital Octopii ultimately allowed the business to achieve stage 2 certification with flying colours, without any nonconformities!

“We benefitted from the experience, the knowledge, the templates, and everything that comes with Digital Octopii. There was excellent communication and a willingness to make it happen. Digital Octopii went above and beyond expectations.”

No matter what stage your ISO 9001 project is in, we can support you.

As Associate Consultants of the British Standards Institute, we are recognised experts in this field. We will help you become compliant to one of the above standards; whether you want to obtain certification by BSI or another UKAS accredited body – or whether you just want to improve your current practices.

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