Implement your priority IT projects

How to make sure your IT project stays on track

When you’re starting your organisational improvement journey, or looking to enhance your current processes through ISO certification, it is critical to get ancillary projects right that implement any required and improved IT software.

 To make sure you have the right level of authenticity, integrity and security to manage and store electronic information and bolster your information security, we can help you shape your Project Plan.

Optimise efficiency and growth in your organisation

We’ll help you prioritise your IT projects by streamlining the initiatives you’re progressing.

What phase is your IT project in?

Each phase has its own challenges and success factors. Our services are tailored accordingly.  

Before the solution is purchased and/or development starts

After the solution is purchased but before it is rolled out

When the solution is rolled out and beyond.

We’ll work with you to formulate a plan that ensures your projects and programmes are a success. No matter what stage you’re at, we have the experience and expertise to support you.

“It’s ever so easy to see a software demo and think ‘that’s what we need!!’. We’ve all done it. But taking the time to clearly understand what the problems actually are and what the right solution looks like, before jumping in, is never wasted time. Time spent at this stage will be saved many fold later down the line.”

Our consultants can provide the framework for swift project recovery to get your IT projects back on track.

Is your project in trouble?

Knowing for sure your project needs rescuing isn’t always obvious. Here are some telltale signs

Our tried and tested project recovery framework helps small and medium businesses and non-profit organisations assess the current situation to identify where the problems lie and how to redress them.

Digital strategy

New demands for technology, functionality and features are never ending. As a result, knowing what the priorities are for your organisation isn’t always clear.

A robust digital strategy starts with a clear strategy for the whole organisation and high-level objectives. Our business analysts conduct research with internal and external stakeholders to help you determine your digital strategy. We assess your organisation’s current state of digital transformation and provide recommendations on how to build an effective roadmap.

Pre-project planning

Our project planning framework enables you to set up projects with the right components in place to make sure your project is a success. This includes staffing your project to ensure you have the right skills in place.

Where relevant we undertake an HR / Change Implications Audit and produce a recommended action plan so that you know what needs to be done and when, regarding any HR, employment law, training and engagement issues to maximise the benefits of your business transformation.

Organisational needs and stakeholders

We carry out a stakeholder analysis and define high-level requirements with the help of your organisation. The identification of all the stakeholders and their needs forms the foundation of a successful project, whether you are procuring new technology solutions, developing in-house, using your existing applications differently, or a combination of the three.

We review the role and responsibilities of HR and other key people stakeholders including the Board/Trustees, any Trade Unions, Staff Consultation Forums, Employee Reps, key influencers and shakers, all who will either help or hinder progress of any change project. We give you the expert advice and support to ensure they are fully on board throughout.

This initial research phase allows us to put together options and a business case for the best way forward.

Procurement, build or design

If you’re in the market for new software, finding the right product is difficult. We will support you in ensuring the right solution is chosen based on agreed, documented requirements rather than someone’s recommendation or the promises of a good demo and sales pitch.

If you’re building new software or using existing products, we help make sure the finished article does what you need it to.

Governance, risk & compliance

Digitising paper-based processes means you have all your information at your fingertips in a digital format. But digitisation also presents new types of risks you need to guard against. This needs to be considered as part of any IT project.

Our risk and compliance experts help you comply to management system standards, give you the tools to continuously improve and get you ready for external certification audits for the following standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, BS 10012 and BS 10008.

After the solution is purchased but before it is rolled out:

Digital project management and delivery

For digital process transformation projects to succeed every time, an agile approach at some stages is a must. Our experienced Agile and Prince2 consultants help you transition from traditional project management, where a fixed scope and schedule is the focus, to an agile, iterative decision-making approach based on real-time data. 

Implementing these principles ensures your projects have the flexibility required to react quickly to unpredictable changes and adapt structures and processes.

Organisational processes and people

Often the new software is seen as the most important part of the project.  Promises are made about what it will do.  However, the reality is that people will be using the software and the processes they use may need to change.  If these aren’t designed before the rollout, it’s likely that the software won’t work properly within the organisation’s context.

Our process improvement consultants help you put in place new ways of working that consider people, processes and software that will work within the culture and structure of your organisation. 

Implementing these principles ensures your projects have the flexibility required to react quickly to unpredictable changes and adapt structures and processes.


Collaborative working with stakeholders can often be the key to successful outcomes. It’s not easy to make sure everyone’s included, but also not get overwhelmed by widely differing voices and opinions – we can show you how.

HR implications

IT projects often mean change to things like terms and conditions of employment, skill sets, appraisals and PDPs, organisational structures, pay, ways of working, HR policies and procedures, etc. 

In order to avoid falling foul of employment law and to avoid costly, time consuming Employment Tribunal claims, we also work closely with those responsible for HR, be they the HR department or key Managers/Directors, to conduct an Audit and action plan to aid effective roll to help understand what the HR implications and changes will be ahead of time. 

We have the experience and expertise to successfully guide you through this minefield to reduce the risk of any potential unfair constructive dismissal or discrimination claims, so that you can focus on the project and its success.

Working with suppliers

Striking the right balance between vendor contracts, statement of works and taking an Agile approach is tricky. Evolving requirements are normal in IT projects, but at some point “what’s included and what isn’t” may become unclear and cause for disagreement. 

Keeping track of what was initially agreed and controlling changes is a key success factor in any project.

Our consultants have many years’ experience of working with and successfully managing suppliers of all types.

When the solution is rolled out and beyond:

Digital change management

The successful implementation of a digital transformation strategy comes down to the perfect alignment of people, processes and technology over time. After all, digital is essentially an ongoing transformation.

Our change experts design and implement a change management programme focused on the necessary components to ensure a smooth digital journey – flexibility, advocacy, communication and technology.

Getting buy-in

Keeping the organisation engaged right through the project, to successful implementation and beyond, is the result of things that happen throughout the life of the project.

This includes broad involvement in requirements at the beginning, effective stakeholder management, good training and communication, and above all, a collaborative relationship between project team and the wider organisation.

We can help you build the team that works together well and delivers the benefits at the end.

Communication and stakeholder management

Regardless of the stage of the project, excellent communication and stakeholder management are the foundation of any successful digital transformation programme. Even if everything is going well from a technical standpoint, lack of communication, engagement and transparency will quickly derail projects.

Our experienced team will help you find the best ways to keep your stakeholders aligned with your objectives, engaged at every stage and more importantly give you guidance on how to communicate progress to the rest of the organisation.

No matter what phase your project is in, we can support you.