Engage your people for successful IT projects

While making sure you keep on the right side of employment laws

Several people standing and talking animatedly representing unsettled employees as a result of IT project poorly managed

The link between HR and IT Projects

It’s ultimately your people who will make the business and IT transformation projects happen successfully or not, so positive engagement and alignment between business strategy, the leadership team and employees is key. 

This area is often underestimated or left to the implementation phase of the project.  Our team of experts helps you identify the gaps upfront and bridge them so you achieve the rewards and benefits far quicker. 

How we help

The purpose of most projects involving technology is often to improve efficiency and/or promote business growth.  This generally means a change to the way your employees do things.  It is not only poor practice to implement change without employee involvement, it might even be illegal in some cases.

Organisation design, structures, culture and teams

Changed or new job descriptions and/or terms and conditions

Employment contracts, Trade Union and/or similar agreements

Changed or new polices and procedures

We assist you in assessing the internal HR and potential employment law implications of your technology project.  We make sure the HR part of the project is considered from the start and support you in managing the changes, ensuring they are fully understood and implemented effectively.