BS 10008 Requirements Checklist


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The BS 10008 Requirements checklist is one of the key tools we use to help our clients certify to BS 10008, and now you can access our complete version to help certify yourself to BS 10008. By purchasing and downloading our full requirements checklist you can quickly assess your current position in relation to BS 10008, and find out what requirements you’re missing.

This version of our BS 10008 Requirements checklist, as opposed to our high-level version, covers absolutely every critical requirement outlined in the BS 10008 standard. Ensuring every aspect of your systems, information and policies are thoroughly addressed and prepared for certification. The requirements cover the following clauses in the standard:

  • Context (issues, requirements, boundaries) (clause 4)
  • Leadership (clause 5)
  • Planning (clause 6)
  • Support (clause 7)
  • Operations (clause 8)
  • Performance evaluation (clause 9)
  • Improvement (clause 10)