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Is your project in trouble?

Knowing for sure your project needs rescuing isn’t always obvious. Here are some telltale signs

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Our tried and tested project recovery framework helps small and medium businesses and non-profit organisations assess the current situation to identify where the problems lie and how to redress them.

The project recovery process

The steps below are customised for you, so you get only the help you need, exactly where you need it.

First, we'll start with a project audit.

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Together we identify the key obstacles to the success of your project.

Sometimes we're just too close to a project to see clearly what the key issues are. Having an external person come in and ask questions adds clarity.
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We delve into the root cause of these obstacles, gaining insight into how they can be overcome

Root causes can lie in many different areas, such as business needs, control of stakeholders, effective procurement or control of suppliers
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We review the current health of the project under a number of headings.

We look at management methodology and governance, communication, business needs, stakeholder management and other areas as required.
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We produce a concise and easy to read Audit Report.

A project audit report allows you to get a 360 view of your current situation.

Then, we'll produce a Project Recovery Plan

The outcome of the project audit informs the recovery plan which is tailored to the issues identified. Below are some of the areas considered which may form part of your plan.  

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Working with your project team, we design solutions that take account of your delivery timescales.

Sometimes it isn't possible to achieve the ideal outcome within the available timescales. We help you make realistic estimates and plan accordingly.
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We map the priority of the solution tasks to produce a step-by-step plan for your project.

The devil is always in the detail. Our experience of managing and delivering IT projects helps you plan at detail level so you know exactly what to do to put your project back on track.
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You can use this Recovery Plan to drive the remainder of your project to a successful completion.

Our experts can become part of your project team, or we can coach your employees. You decide how we support you.

Areas a Project Recovery Plan might cover

Example of what your project recovery plan might contain

Why Digital Octopii?

It’s critical to have an external, objective party carry out the audit to minimise auditor bias and ensure stakeholders feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions. Anonymity is always maintained (unless a person wants to be identified explicitly).

Our IT project consultants have years of auditing and turnaround experience, making them well-situated to advise on the best course of action to get your project back on track.