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BS 10008 Requirements Checklist

The high-level BS 10008 Requirements checklist is one of the key tools to managing your BS 10008 implementation.

  • Use this checklist to assess your current position
  • Check you’re not missing any of the requirements of BS 10008

Frequently asked questions

The checklist is an Excel spreadsheet listing most of the requirements in the BS 10008 standard. You’ll find requirements covered for:

  • Context (issues, requirements, boundaries) (clause 4)
  • Leadership (clause 5)
  • Planning (clause 6)
  • Support (clause 7)
  • Operations (clause 8)
  • Performance evaluation (clause 9)
  • Improvement (clause 10)

No, this BS 10008 requirements checklist is a high-level version of our full, in-depth checklist. For the full list of requirements, check out our complete BS 10008 requirements checklist.

BS 10008 is a British standard that outlines the requirements for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems, focusing particularly on the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents. BS 10008 can help your organisation maintain the authenticity, integrity, and accessibility of electronic information over time.

If you’re new to BS 10008, read our blog What is BS 10008?

Our BS 10008 can be a useful tool at the beginning of your implementation, used as a gap analysis, to assess how much work you have to do. A gap analysis is useful if you already have a number of policies and procedures in place. For example, you might already have some of the core information policies and procedures in place already.

You can also use the checklist to manage your BS 10008 implementation project – it’s a list of the majority of the requirements you need to meet, so it’s a good starting point as a project management tool.

Finally, it’s a good tool to do a final review just before your Stage 1 audit to make sure you have everything in place.

We use this requirements checklist at the very beginning of a consultancy engagement to find out what documentation and controls are already in place and determine how much work there is to do.

We use it during the implementation as a project plan, to keep track of progress, determine who’s responsible for doing what, determine where each requirement is documented or what evidence there is that it’s met.

Finally, we also use it just before an audit to list where everything is and verify that we’re ready. This spreadsheet is our core consultancy tool!

Completing a gap analysis using our BS 10008 requirements checklist is one way you can start working towards BS 10008 certification. It’s one of the first key steps in the certification process that we have explained in what is BS 10008?

Download our Pro BS 10008 requirements checklist

The BS 10008 Requirements checklist is one of the key tools we use to help our clients certify to BS 10008, and now you can access our complete, pro version to help certify yourself to BS 10008.

Check out the benefits of our Pro BS 10008 Requirements checklist:


Lite version


Pro version


Detailed guidance page which explains how to use the checklist 

Coloured fields which indicate whether a requirement is met, partly met, or not met 

Full list of controls (4-10) in the BS10008 Standard 

Full list of standard requirements 

Full list of requirements in Annex A 

Additional fields which help to manage the implementation 

Summary scores for each control